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April 25th, 2007

Chisai Jackson – A Few Bucks Short of Taking Over & Intermission

Posted by Angela Poon in Acoustic, Pop, Rock
Chisai Jackson - A Few Bucks Short of Taking Over
Name: Chisai Jackson
Album: a few bucks short of taking over & intermission (acoustic EP)
Released: 2005 & 2006
Chisai Jackson – voice/guitar
Tim Thorney – guitars
Brent Barkman – piano & organs
Gerry Mosby – bass
EDric Schenkman – guitars
Randy Cook – drums
Mark Pellizzer – guitars

Favourite Song(s): Paris (track 2) & Only Satellites (track 4)

So I’m reviewing two CD’s by the same artist at the same time. So there is a method to my madness. Basically I wanted to review just the acoustic EP, I’ve only seen Chisai live when playing acoustic by himself is the reason, plus it’s a newer release, but I also don’t own a scanner and I don’t have a jpeg of his EP cover, so I’m doing his previous album so there’s a picture. Hah. Beat that.

Rock. Pop. Indie. How much do I rely on myspace and the user-defined music categories that musicians put themselves into? Anyways, dare I say Adult Rock? “Rock” is such an inconsequentially broad term that I feel the need to define it further. This is rock my mom would like listening to, and is the same rock I like listening to. As opposed to other rock where I would love and my mom would call “noise.” A Few Bucks Short of Taking Over has a full band behind it, while Intermission is actually an acoustic EP, so let’s throw “Acoustic” in there as well.

Songs off Few Bucks (forgive me, I’m too lazy to continually type out the full name of that album!) all flow together nicely. They often have different styles some how, don’t ask me to explain it. But lyrically some are uplifting songs while others are sort of downers but inspiring at the same time. Then musically there’s faster songs, slower songs and lots of stuff going on but they go together really well. There isn’t a song I dislike on the album, nor really anything I could pick apart.

Songs off Intermission remind me of every show I’ve seen for Chisai. I’ve never seen him with a backing band, just him, a stage and a guitar, and I have to admit I’ve grown used to the idea. I don’t think I could really believe a full band behind him. And that I think is the feeling that is supposed to be generated with this EP. It’s very simple since there’s so little that’s a part of it, one voice and one guitar and four songs. Just makes it sound really nice.

I’ve never had a problem listening to Chisai in my car on long or short road trips. It’s so non-offensive that I play it while my parents are in the car and I have control over the CD player. Dinner parties? Chill-relaxing, adult non-drunken-bastard parties would definitely get a thumbs up. Anything where maturity is involved, which in my life, is sometimes quite rare!

Make sure you check out Chisai Jackson on April 27th at NOW Lounge in Toronto, or on April 28th at ESC’s Sound Lounge in Mississauga as a part of the last Four Voices show!

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