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August 10th, 2007

The Framework CD Release Party

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The FrameworkThe Framework. Awesome. Show.

Really, there are no other words to describe the entire night. I’ve been to a lot of really good shows by now and this one was just cake. I’m seriously gushing but I don’t care.

It was fun and amusing in the fact that I brought my friend who in turn brought someone he works with who I am also on friendly terms with. (Not in *THAT* way you sickos!) And I got to hang out with two boys I have a good time with and admire on many levels.

Then there’s the fact that I’ve gotten to know the lead singer (Ryan a.k.a. Chisai Jackson) as a solo artist, and as an acoustic solo artist, and this was just excitement beyond words to see him perform different songs, with a band, plugged in.

Something I should have thought of but never really did, was the fact that since I knew someone who was going to be on stage, I would likely know people in the audience. And had very fun times catching up with various people all over the room. Nothing better than having the headlining band’s lead singer’s cousin’s mom ask me if I went to the same high school as her daughter. (We did.)

I’d never heard any of the music from The Framework’s camp before. I’ve read descriptions that they’re not attempting to be mind blowingly ground-breaking but they’re trying to make good music and trying to get it out there. I applaud that. So many bands I’m seeing are all about the “I’m different just like everybody else.” Which I always laugh at. Same way like I laugh at the poser teenagers or wannabe fixie bike thugs. I rode fixie long before it was fashionable. It’s called a unicycle.

I digress.

When The Framework hit the stage it was pretty rad. The place was packed which I haven’t seen in a venue in a long time. The people were up and the bodies were shaking. Not only have I not seen such a massive amount of crowd for a show before, well, for an indie band anyways, I’d not ever seen such a wide range of people showing up for a show before. And that’s what I love about music. It’s timeless and ageless. And The Framework made good on keeping it that way.

The songs were catchy, non-offensive, and good clean fun. It was a bit hard to see anything because of literally the mass of people but I got a few pictures, and had friends grab some too since everyone who isn’t a musician is a photographer, and in the cases of my friends… both.

Being a member of the audience and being how it was the CD release party for the band, I, and everyone else in the venue, received a copy of the CD with my admission into the space. Cracked it open and listened to it on the way home. Exciting. Just as catchy in the studio as they were on stage. But that review is for another time.

The Framework? Go see them if you can. Really. Next show appears to be September 3, 2007 at Horseshoe Tavern.

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