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June 5th, 2007

Bishop – Steel Gods (US)

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Bishop - Steel Gods Name: Bishop
Album: Steel Gods
Released: March 6, 2007

Band members:
Tommy (Guitars, Lead Vox)
Rocky (Drums, Vox)
Vinny (Bass, Vox)

Favorite song: Outlaw Beaver

A problem with a lot of the hard rock floating around the radio waves is either the down-in-the-dumps attitude or the seriousness bordering on laughability. All of this is usually thrown together in a sort of mish mashed fashion, processed with cookie cutter bleak lyrics, and then passed around the local scene for a few years before getting noticed. All of this with the only real intent being to have brain dead teenagers bob their heads up and down like they really mean it. Like they’ve got a deep sense that something needs to get done, right now! Of course, one could argue that any reason for bobbing your head up and down in retaliation against that certain something has long since passed, what with the wars having been replaced by “peace keeping missions” and cultural problems that have been run through the water filter so many times it’s tough to distinguish where oppression ends and simple indifference ends.

So it’s refreshing to hear a band that seems to have dropped out of nowhere with only the bare essentials for a rock outfit and start playing good, hard rock, oblivious to the BS everyone’s ankle deep in right now. The kind of hard rock that has no pretensions about it, just an energy and drive to say “Listen to this” as they proceed to blow the skull out of your head. These guys don’t introduce anything new, let me say that first of all, but the earnestness in which they play their music is electrifying. Take ‘Burnout Bitch’, the first song on the album, thumping drums, pounding bass lines, thrashy guitar, and speakers turned past 10 all the way to 11 (Eleven. Exactly. One louder.) And this formula works so well just because that is essentially it. They don’t try and throw in any complex structure arrangements or theatrical excess, and they certainly aren’t prancing around in silly clothes (I hope).

The rest of the album is all killer, opting out on any teary eyed ballads or 10 minute prog breakdowns that usually end up with the listener comatose, drool dribbling down the chin. No, this album rocks, rocks again, and then commands you to play it all over again. I suppose there really isn’t a whole lot else to discuss about this band that hasn’t been discussed about countless other hard rock bands. Sure, they bear a strong resemblance to Guns n Roses or any other hair metal band you can think of, but these guys manage take it in stride. It’s like they have actually come to grips with their musical lineage and are content making music that is just like that, with all the force and energy that was brought to the scene several decades ago. And it is this acceptance of the past and hope for a future filled with thrashy guitar solos and fist pumping that makes them a definite threat to all the other cookie cutter bands currently residing in Rockville.

To sum things up, these guys stop about 10 miles away from being anything resembling originality, but who cares? This stuff rawks.

<3 ~Polly Plumps